Adelpha fessonia

Agraulis vanillae

Anartia fatima

Archeoprepona demophon

Catonephele numilia

Danaus plexippus

Dryadula phaetusa

Dryas iulia

Eryphanis polyxena

Eueides isabella

Hamadryas amphinome

Hamadryas arinome

Hamadryas februa

Hamadryas feronia

Hamadryas guatemalena


Butterfly Pupae

For over 30 years CRES has stood behind hundreds of clients, ensuring delivery of a great assortment of high quality Neotropical pupae. CRES’s guarantee policy is simple: if a pupa doesn’t arrive in perfect condition, or if it doesn’t emerge properly and fly in your exhibit, it will be replaced. With CRES’ 100% guarantee policy, exhibitors are assured of receiving complete satisfaction for their pupae budget. As a CRES client, there are many features that you can access to. Among these are:

  • Custom design your invoice, prioritize species according to their importance and indicate the quantity of each species you’d like.
  • Process your losses quickly and easily.
  • Review your emergence statistics, species by species, and identify the leading causes for their failure.
  • Our clients’ feedback allows us to minimize losses and ensure the wellbeing of your butterflies.