Costa Rica Entomological Supply

Throughout time, and through myths, poetry, novels and art of all kinds, butterflies have symbolically represented the noblest ideals of man.  Freedom, love, peace, beauty, death and rebirth and hope are some of the frequently heard signifiers expressed by our visitors.  It is difficult to think of another life form that draws upon the public’s imagination as butterflies do.  It’s for this subliminal reason that public butterfly exhibits have proven commercially successful throughout the world.   Many hundreds of butterfly exhibits exist worldwide, some may be found in the most surprising and far-flung places.  Should your wanderings lead you to the entrance of a butterfly exhibit, don´t hesitate to walk in!   It’s quite possible that many of the butterflies flying within have been meticulously reared, inspected, packaged and shipped by the associated farmers and staff of Costa Rica Entomological Supply (CRES)

About the Supply of Butterflies

Costa Rica Entomological Supply
Costa Rica Entomological Supply

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    Costa Rica Entomological Supply


    Costa Rica Entomological Supply

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