Phoebis philea







Forewing Length

40-45 mm


Throughout Central and South America.

Host Plant

Cassia grandis, C. alata, C. leptocarpa, C. hayesiana, C. fruticosa (Caesalpinaceae).

Pupa Stage

Approximately 8 days.

Pupa Description

Green or reddish with prominent keel and tapered head. The pupal coloration appears to be correlated with pupation site.

Adults Description

Sexes dimorphic. Male distinguished by the lemon ground color with the prominent orange forweing medial bar. Female dimorphic: common form has red orange hindwing distal margins; another form looks like a very large Phoebis argante female, but with more or less evenly black forewing distal borders.

Habits Description

Occurs from sea level to 1,500 m. Commonly seen at garden flowers, both sexes visit a wide variety of flowers ranging from herbs to canopy trees. The males of this species are extremely fast flying and rapid in their courtship of females.