Parides iphidamas







Forewing Length

male 38-40 mm / female 39-41 mm


Mexico to Ecuador and Peru. Subspecies: Mexico to Panama.

Host Plant

Aristolochia (Aristolochiaceae).

Pupa Stage

Approximately 15 days.

Pupa Description

Yellowish green.

Adults Description

Sexes dimorphic. Male green on forewing variable, but never ending broadly at anal margin; red area on hindwing always extends across more. than three cells. Female distinguished by having forewing white spot in M2 larger than the one in M3, and this spot is cut obliquely at the base. Again, as in previous species, all characters are variable and long series must be bred to determine the species with any degree of certainty.

Habits Description

Occurs from sea level to 1,200 m on both slopes, in all forest habitats. Both sexes visit flowers during the morning and remain active until late afternoon. The female oviposits during midday on hostplants growing along forest edges and in light gaps. Some populations have been found with pollen loads. This species is widespread and common in Costa Rica, and is tolerant of a great many habitat types.