Morpho Amatonthe







Forewing Length

male 73-78 mm / female 81-87 mm



Host Plant

Pterocarpus officionale (Fabaceae).

Pupa Stage

Approximately 15-22 days.

Pupa Description

Similar to Morpho peleides in shape but without any markings except for transparent areas near spiracles. Also it has a white stripe.

Adults Description

Sexes dimorphic. Male-upperside entirely azure blue except for forewing costa and apex. Female-upperside has wide brown margins;_forewing has two rows of white spots. Underside of both sexes washed with reddish brown, and eyespots reduced.

Habits Description

Occurs commonly from sea level to 800 m, in association with rain forest habitats. Males are active, patrolling along forest edges and rivers, during the early mornings, soon after sunrise. About mid-morning, male activity lessens and both sexes feed on fallen Ficus, Licania, Manikara, Dipteriyx, Brosimum, Spondias and other fleshy fruits. The females actively search for oviposition sites at midday, invariably in swampy areas, and have a very distinctive floppy flight. In early afternoon, the males have a short burst of activity. just before dusk, both sexes slowly flutter along ridge tops in the forest and settle on the undersides of leaves to sleep. This species is common and widespread in all rain forest habitats and is present throughout the year.