Mechanitis polymnia







Forewing Length

34-38 mm


Mexico to the Amazon. Subspecies: Mexico to Panama.

Host Plant

Solamum (Solanaceae). All host- plants are hirsute woody shrubs and vines occurring in second-growth habitats.

Pupa Stage

Approximately 8 days.

Pupa Description

Metal gold color.

Adults Description

This highly variable species may always be distinguished by the isolated round spot , (not a comma) in the tornus of the forewing upper- side, present in both sexes.

Habits Description

This is the commonest and most wide- spread ithomiine species in Costa Rica, occurring from sea level to 1,500 m in virtually all habitats. Unlike its congeners, this specie will fly in direct sunshine across open areas, as well as in the shade of the forest, and is frequently seen in the streets of all major Costa Rican cities. M. polymnia is persistent throughout the year in all habitats.