Heliconius Sara







Forewing Length

30-35 mm


Mexico to the Amazon Basin. Subspecies: fulgidos Guatemala to Panama; theudela Costa Rica and Panama.

Host Plant

Passiflora auriculata (Passifloraceae).

Pupa Stage

Approximately 8 days.

Pupa Description

Pale brown with black spines and black veins on the wingpads; head horns short; a few gold spots.

Adults Description

Distinguished from all similar species and comimics by the most basal forewing bar, which crosses the wing well inside the cell, and by its small size.

Habits Description

Occurs locally, but commonly, from sea level to 700 m on both slopes, in association with rain forest habitats (each slope has a different subspecies). Most commonly found along forest edges or in second growth vegetation, and invariably in association with its specific hostplant. The hostplant specificity is undoubtedly an important factor in limiting its distribution, and is certainly one of the reasons why some populations are very local. Both sexes visit flowers of Hamelia, Palicourea, Lantana, and Psiguria, and are able to collect pollen from all these genera. The nocturnal roosts are usually found along forest edges low to the ground or along streams.