Heliconius erato







Forewing Length

31-37 mm


Mexico to the Amazon Basin. Subspecies: Mexico to Panama.

Host Plant

Passiflora talamancensis, P. coreacea, P. biflora (Passifloraceae).

Pupa Stage

Approximately 8 days.

Pupa Description

Similar to H. melpomene but with long head horns and short abdominal spines.

Adults Description

Distinguished from its comimic H. melpomene by the yellow bar on the hindwing side, which has the distal ends curved toward 3 the costal margin, sometimes touching the margin; the red patch on the forewing upperside has the margins sharply cut where it borders the black; base of the forewing underside has four red spots.

Habits Description

Occurs commonly from sea level to 1,600 m on both slopes, in association with disturbed forest and second-growth habitats. Frequently found flying low to the ground along forest edges, in coffee plantations, and in open pastures. This species is able to utilize a wide range of pollen species for food, and hence is able to supplement the usual Psiguria pollen with many other species.