Caligo atreus







Forewing Length

73-85 mm


Mexico to Peru. Subspecies: Costa Rica and Panama.

Host Plant

Heliconia (Heliconiaceae), Musa (Musaceae); Cyclanthaceae.

Pupa Stage

Approximately 15-22 days.

Pupa Description

Elongated oval shape , similar to the Caligo illioneus but darker brown.

Adults Description

Immediately distinguished by the purple upperside and the board yellow hindwing marginal bad.

Habits Description

Occurs from sea level up to 1,300 m on both slopes, in association with rain forest habitats and dense second growth. Widespread on the Atlantic slope, but found from San Mate south on the Pacific slope, presumably because this species is intolerant of the Guanacaste dry season. I have observed courtship upon number of occasions: the male circles around a female while both are flying (all of these obiigservations were in large treefalls). This spectacular species is very easily identified on the wing.