Navigating the commercial challenges related to COVID-19

Dear friends & customers.
As we navigate through this uncertain period of commercial challenges associated with the sanitary measures implemented around the world to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe it is of utter importance to keep a good two-way communication channel with all of you, so we can approach this situation together and minimize the negative financial impacts this would create in our organizations and everyone else involved in our business ecosystem (breeders, airlines, brokers, etc.)

It’s fairly evident that all butterfly houses depend on having regular visitor attendance (both locals or tourists) for their success and profitability, so the fact that many cities around the world are locking down, halting touristic activities and air travel, will generate serious consequences that could eventually force exhibits to enter into “special periods” where pupae orders might diminish or could totally halt until further notice.
While we totally support & understand these decisions, it’s critical that we get informed as soon as possible about any decision made that could impact the annual plans of pupae we have previously agreed with your institution. This will allow us to inform our breeders accordingly and better manage the local buying activity, ensuring we continue paying each breeder regularly and sustain the total network during this period.  For this reason, we urge you to keep us informed regularly about the decisions made at your institution and the changes that could be required from us as your pupae supplier.
From a people’s perspective, the first COVID-19 confirmed case in Costa Rica was identified this past Friday March 6th, and as of yesterday there are 22 confirmed cases around the country. Our government authorities continue to monitor how the virus spreads. Based on our internal communication with breeders & staff, none of them have tested positive due to COVID-19 nor present its symptoms, but we continue to monitor regularly and share messages on how they can stay safe & healthy. At the same time, we continue defining protocols to improve the safety & hygiene of our workplace, as well as each butterfly farm we currently work with.
I’m certain there are many ways to collaborate and navigate together this challenging period, but clearly it requires close communication between all of us and resiliency to face these challenging conditions. Stay safe!

Sergio Siles
Operations Manager


Calamities often strengthen us internally, making us more deeply aware of the highest values of life. Troubling times encourages us to work together, to genuinely care for each other. Such events make us more aware of our collective strength when we work together as one united human family. May we grow in unity, love and understanding

~ Mooji