Morpho Peleides







Forewing Length

64-78 mm


Mexico to Colombia and Venezuela.

Host Plant

Macharium, Pterocarpus, Lonchocarpus, Platymiscium, Dalbergia, Mucunapus, Platymiscium, Swartzia, Dalbergia, (Fabaceae).

Pupa Stage

Approximately 15-22 days.

Pupa Description

Pale green, ovoid, head slightly bifid, with a few golden spots onthe spiracles.

Adults Description

Distinguished from the similar M. granadensis by always having pupillate eyespots on the hindwing underside; has varying amounts of blue.

Habits Description

Occurs from sea level to 1,800 m, in association with all forest habitats. This is the commonest species in Central America, and its floppy, zigzag flight along rivers and forest edges and through coffee plantations is a familiar sight. The males patrol from early morning until midday, and females are usually active only during midday, when they are seen weaving in and out of vegetation. The scent hairs adjacent to the male claspers can be extruded with gentle pressure, and smell like vanilla. The female is generally larger, has a wider black margin, and has a circular plate terminating the last abdominal segment.