Hamadryas laodamia







Forewing Length

34-37 mm


Mexico to Amazon Basin.

Host Plant

Dalechampia triphylla.

Pupa Stage

Approximately 8-10 days.

Pupa Description

Pale brown, cremaster very broad, and the flattened head processes are curly and at 90° to the body.

Adults Description

Distinguished from other species by the rounded wing shape; both sexes have velvet black upperside with blue spots and iridescent blue-black underside with submarginal red spots. Female has a white band on the FW, the male does not.

Habits Description

Occurs from sea level to 1,000 m on both slopesjiin all forest habitats but commonest in thegAtlantkglowlands. Both sexes fly in the canopy and subcanopy, occasionally coming to ground level along forest edges. Males perch and patrol in light gaps from late morning until late afternoon. Females are usually encountered in light gaps near dense tangles of branches that have fallen from the canopy. Both sexes will visit rotting fruits.