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About CRES

Costa Rica Entomological SupplyCRES has been fostering the development of butterfly farming in Costa Rica since 1984 – about when the first butterfly exhibits were opening in Great Britain.  In the intervening years CRES has embraced numerous rural farmers who have expressed interest in rearing butterflies.   Each farmer affiliated with CRES is an independent entrepreneur and manages his or her farm as he/she sees fit.  Today, CRES remains one of the world's leading supplers of butterfly pupae to exhibitions, educational institutions and artists worldwide.

While legally registered as a for-profit company, since its inception CRES has Costa Rica Entomological Supplyfunctioned with many not-for-profit objectives.  CRES’ social objectives and insistence on compensating hard working farmers well fostered the steady expansion of the industry in Costa Rica throughout the 1990’s.  Indeed, in 2008 CRES was recognized by INCAE and the Harvard Business School as being an exemplary model of a “social enterprise” in Latin America.  The company has been studied by business school deans and professors throughout the region under the auspices of the Social Enterprise Knowledge Network (SEKN) of Harvard.  In pursuit of its broader social initiative, in 2009 CRES and its shareholders were instrumental in acquiring 73 hectares (180 acres) on behalf of the Sat Yoga Institute.  Situated in the southern region of Costa Rica, this Costa Rica Entomological Supplyremarkable property is intended to become an ashram (monastery), school of higher esoteric learning, eco-village and self-sustaining Permaculture community.

Whether you are an exhibitor seeking a dependable and easy-to-work-with source of high quality Neotropical pupae; an artist that needs certified farm-bred butterflies with the knowledge that it’s “being done right,” or an insect zoo manager needing government-certified farm-bred mantids, sticks, millipedes or grasshoppers for your display, the staff at CRES is here to help you.  If you are wondering how we work in Costa Rica, we're happy to share a slideshow of the whole process.

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