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Metamorphosis of the Clear-Winged Butterfly

Metamorphosis of the Clear-Winged Butterfly

Artist: Cristian Jiménez Elizondo

Mural Title: Metamorphosis of the Clear-Winged ButterflyMurals La Guacima
Ithomiides are butteMurals La Guacimarflies that belong to the Nymphalidae family. They are found in a great part of the American continent, including Costa Rica. Their life span can extend to six months because they are not very appetizing for their predators.

My motivation to make this mural arose from my fascination with these small “crystal angels,” their undeniable beauty and their wings that look like stained glass windows which give them great personality.

Murals La Guacima

This motivated me to capture their magnificent transformation in a synthetic way with multipurpose lines. IMurals La Guacima took Native American graphics as a reference because of their respect for nature and animals as sacred elements that were essential for their culture; also because they considered butterflies to be spirits of the different seasons.  Their respect and intimacy with nature contrasts with how we live today where so many species are in risk of extinction because of our own short sightedness.

My admiration and love for these divine beings was what motivated me to undergo this mural.


Murals of La Guácima