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The Butterfly Farm, Costa Rica

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    Welcome to the murals of La Guacima.  Inspired by the Italian village of Bordano, a community graced with over 200 butterfly-themed murals on its walls, we decided to offer our town something equivalent... "a lo tico."   From 2004 through 2006,The Butterfly Farm invited Costa Rican artists to express their insights on the butterfly.  The murals began on the walls of The Butterfly Farm in the first year and then proceeded beyond, throughout the town in subsequent years. 

    Special thanks must be extended for the invaluable contributions of several co-sponsors. Pinturas Sur

    Pinturas Sur, who graciously provided much technical advice and the paint used by the artists.

    Municipalidad de Alajuela

    The Municipality of Alajuela who provided the means for a proper closing ceremony that included the entire town.

    Constructora Acero

    Constructora Acero who has always been on hand when we've been in need.

    Also, expression of gratitude are due to our dear friends Enzo Moretto of Butterfly Arc in Italy who introduced us to Bordano and Maria Gerlinde Blaese who simultaneously undertook the same initiative in her own town of Sayn  Germany.  Later, the day prior to the opening of the World Cup in Germany in 2006 in which all three countries were participating, our towns -- Alajuela, Costa Rica, Montegrotto Terme, Italy and Sayn, Germany signed a sister city accord with Bordano.  May butterflies long run deep in the veins of all four communities!


    Murals La Guacima

    Murals La Guacima

    Murals La Guacima





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Murals of La Guácima